The risk of having your product counterfeited in export markets can be a significant barrier for businesses looking to move into export. Counterfeit products are often lower quality than the original and in some cases can pose food safety risks. These counterfeit products can impact a business' revenue and also can damage their brand.

However along with the increasingly sophisticated methods employed by counterfeiters for food fraud, there is also a corresponding rise in sophisticated methods and technologies to combat fraud. This research stream has interrogated China's patent assets for anti- counterfeiting technologies and collated the current tech categories being invested in for anti-counterfeiting as well as drawing out insights on the key attributes of anti- counterfeiting tech.

Working with industry packaging design experts' anti-counterfeiting technology data has been collected and is currently being assessed in terms of cost of the technology, the benefits of the technology and the risk of counterfeiting by product category. Additionally a review of anti-counterfeiting technology already available on the market is underway. The ultimate aim is to distil this analysis into a tool to support industry looking to make decisions on investments into anti-counterfeiting technology.

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Workshops are now available for you to develop anti-counterfeiting features for your business.