Unlocking the Food Value Chain: Australian food industry transformation for AAustralian Research Council Logossociation of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) markets is an Australian Research Council (ARC) supported initiative delivering inter-disciplinary research to unlock a significant market opportunity for exporting premium Australian products.

Through the Food Hub programs, Mondel─ôz International and the University of Melbourne will gain insights to unlock Asian consumer behaviour and market levers, and inform innovation in ingredient use, consumer experience and product design and packaging. This will advance the positioning of Australia as a premium brand and lead to a sustained competitive advantage. Further the project will assist the creation of more productive supply chains.image of mondelez on white background

Mondel─ôz International and the University of Melbourne have committed to share research outcomes with SME’s and the wider sector through an open innovation model in a transformational project with national benefits.

Project Aim

This collaborative Food Research Hub will apply leading-edge R&D with novel market insights and manufacturing innovation to grow Australian exports into key ASEAN markets.

Food Value Chain Project Leaders

  • Professor Frank Dunshea
    Frank Dunshea

    Redmond Barry distinguished Professor

    Chair of Agriculture

    University of Melbourne

  • Fuentes

    Sigfredo Fuentes

    Associate Professor in Digital Agriculture and Food

    Director of Research School of Agriculture and Food

    University of Melbourne

  • GonzalezViejo

    Claudia Gonzalez Viejo

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    University of Melbourne