Documented outputs from all Hub research streams

Overview of the Hub program

Unlocking the Food Value Chain: Australian Food Industry Transformation for ASEAN Markets

Power point presentation introducing the hub research agenda context and outputs (presented at ARDC conference 2016)

Market Analytics

Overview of Consumer Lead Market Analytics (Asian IP landscaping for Dairy)

Poster presented at 2016 AIFST conference

Case study: Dairy Innovation in China

Full market analytics report for Dairy innovation in China

Sensory Analysis

QMA service brochure

Qualitative Multivariate Analysis -sensory service details

Development of a Novel App for Sensory Analysis of Food and Beverages  using Biometrics from Video and Image Analysis

Poster presented at the 11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium.

Supply Chain Management

Latest Case Studies: 

Sullivans Cove

World Class Whisky

Hellyers Road

From Burnie to the World

Great Southern Truffles

from Australia to the World

Sumich Group

Successfully exporting from Western Australia

Opportunities and Challenges for Export of Australian Food Products to China
Insights from Craig Katz, Founder of Purus Group and CEO of the Australian Produce Collective

A SME perspective on Export to China

Risk and Uncertainty in Food Export to China- Insights from Premium Australia Foods

A SME perspective on Export to China

Premium Australian Foods - Cherry Export to China

A SME success story

Export Tools

Export check-list

A simple to use check-list for for the management of Export activities

Assessment of Export Capability

Capabilities listing for successful export

SWOT analysis for Export to China

An analysis of the Australian food Industry opportunity to export to China in terms of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Business Plan Framework

Business plan guide for Export

Packaging Innovation

E-Commerce and Anti-counterfeiting

Presentation for the AIP National Technical Forums

Packaging Innovation and anti counterfeiting research

Summary Power point prepared for recent FIAL export readiness workshops

Consumer Insights


Review of Asian gifting culture "Gifting as an Opportunity for Export to Asia"

Gift Disposition and re-gifting study

Presentation prepared for China India Insights Conference, New York

Gift-giving study

Presentation prepared for Asia Australia Food Innovations Conference, Perth

Provenance in depth

Presentation prepared for AgTech Summit, Melbourne


Findings from Conjoint study provide insights on using Provenance to drive export opportunities


Identifying key themes and export opportunities related to gift-giving

Country of Origin

Impact of Product Country of origin;  the research says it's complicated!

Utopian thinking

How Utopian Thinking motivates consumption attitudes and behaviours